Painting The Front Door: 12 laborious steps that will freshen up your exterior while kicking your posterior!

Our new house is set back in the woods and is entirely magical. Deer, birds, lizards, caterpillars, a bubbling creek, berry bushes and 5 barefoot kids fill out the property, making the whole thing feel like you've entered a simpler time teeming with tranquility and life. Our front door, however, didn't seem to convey that... Continue Reading →

Homeschooling Out Of A Closet: How I Keep My Home From Feeling Like a Classroom 24/7!

According to Pinterest, there are lots of people who enjoy converting a spare room into a homeschool classroom.  These rooms are beautifully decorated and gloriously organized and I admire the creativity and love that many a parent has poured into these rooms. Hello?  Color-coded subject bins and adorably framed art?  Yes please! There's also something... Continue Reading →

I’m launching a training!

Are you a mom who’s striving toward a spiritually, physically, emotionally & relationally healthy life?  Would you like some support and camaraderie from another mother?  I would like to be that woman!  Join me as I launch a two week (feels-a-little-scary-but-also-exciting) tommimom training starting January 22!  For a donation, you will join a virtual community... Continue Reading →

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