Painting The Front Door: 12 laborious steps that will freshen up your exterior while kicking your posterior!

Our new house is set back in the woods and is entirely magical. Deer, birds, lizards, caterpillars, a bubbling creek, berry bushes and 5 barefoot kids fill out the property, making the whole thing feel like you've entered a simpler time teeming with tranquility and life. Our front door, however, didn't seem to convey that... Continue Reading →

Happy 9th Birthday, Sam!

To my second son, my first red-head, and the one who introduced me to home birth and baseball.To my son who embodies boyhood and bravery and inspires me to love both. To my son who is 100% tough and 100% tender all at the some time, leaving me feeling safe and vulnerable all at the... Continue Reading →

Throwing a Tantrum & Being Parented: How My Kids Helped Me Grow Up A Little Today.

My behavior was an indication of me today, not me always. In others words, I didn't sum up my entire parenting gig in light of today's events, negating all the positive over that past 9 years, nor did I assume that this will always be me from here on out, from tomorrow to eternity. No, I've been at this long enough to know that there is always hope of change and healing and growth, and that believing that (faith) is a great first step.

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