Throwing a Tantrum & Being Parented: How My Kids Helped Me Grow Up A Little Today.

My behavior was an indication of me today, not me always. In others words, I didn't sum up my entire parenting gig in light of today's events, negating all the positive over that past 9 years, nor did I assume that this will always be me from here on out, from tomorrow to eternity. No, I've been at this long enough to know that there is always hope of change and healing and growth, and that believing that (faith) is a great first step.

Once a week, like thousands and thousands of families across the globe who home educate through Classical Conversations, I pack up my kids with all their snacks and lunches and books and bags and school presentations and supplies and head to our campus for Community Day.  If you're not familiar with Classical Conversations, a weekly... Continue Reading →

Let Go and Flow

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written regularly, and that was not my plan.  And spoiler alert: entering the not-as-planned will be a recurring theme in this post. As I entered 2018, I was feeling pretty good.  Strong, actually. With emotional and physical reserves to spare.  The family was chugging along in a good... Continue Reading →

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