Battling Summertime Bugs

Real quick: these 2 products have revolutionize our Summer experience and it would be a crime not to pass them along.

Backstory: we live in a jungle, a swamp, Georgia. Surrounded by trees, brooks, sunshine….and BUGS.  I love Georgia and moved here willingly,  but I often lovingly compare Georgia summers to a sweaty armpit. I heart you, GA!

Disclaimer: I love natural products, oils, supplements and all other hipster goodies that are gentle on the earth and body.

The Problem: my children were still getting (especially the red-headed kids) and the flies were INSANE.  I was seriously killing 20-30 flies a day, mostly as they swarmed around in the kitchen landing on our food.  Oh heck no. Not gonna happen.mosquito

The Products: 

This gem right here hangs in our dining room higher than little fingers can reach.  Eye sore?  Yup.  Flies landing on our food?  Nope!  On the day we installed this, I went from killing 30 flies to 3!  It makes a rather loud zapping noise, which can startle you and so you might want to turn it off when you have dinner company.  But honestly, as Micah and I sit on the couch at night and hear this bad boy doing it’s job, we fist bump with every zap.  Winning, we are.

Then there’s this beauty- a mosquito’s worst nightmare. On our first night in Georgia, I was thrilled to sit outside and have the kids play in the back yard.  It was a dream come true after years of city living. And then I saw black clouds swarming over their heads.  Mosquitoes!  It looked like a plague!  We endured that summer experimenting with all sorts of bug sprays/lotions/potions and I’d be afraid to calculate how many mosquito bites we all got.  Next summer,  Micah bought this miracle at Walmart and I was a bit concerned about paying over $100 for what I thought would be the equivalent of bug spray.  All I can say is this: worth every.single.penny.  This trap hangs on our back porch and allows us to sit outside day & night without the swarming black clouds of mosquitoes.  It’s silent, there’s no zapping noise, and it covers up to an acre.  Sure, we get an occasional mosquito here and there (bug-spray free), but nothing like before.

Honorable mention:

Last year I mentioned these magnetic screen doors.  We put them up on the doors leading to the back porch and garage/mudroom (i.e. The Fly’s Favorite Flight Pattern).  They definitely helped cut down on the amount of flying insects welcomed into our home when the kids inevitably left the doors open over and over and over again and so that was helpful.  However, it didn’t kill them, and momma wants them D-E-A-D. So I’d say these screens serve more as a defensive tactic.

So there you have it- the products that have upped our summer game big time.  Hope this helps! May your summer be filled with sunshine and laughter and good food and company and NO mosquitoes and flies 😉

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  1. This is awesome! That mosquito killer thing seems like just what we need. Also, I thought I was the only person in the world with a fly zapper in my kitchen! That thing sits on the counter by the back door and steve and I do a fist pump when we here that zap! 🙂

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