I’m launching a training!

tommimom trainingAre you a mom who’s striving toward a spiritually, physically, emotionally & relationally healthy life?  Would you like some support and camaraderie from another mother?  I would like to be that woman!  Join me as I launch a two week (feels-a-little-scary-but-also-exciting) tommimom training starting January 22!  For a donation, you will join a virtual community of women who will receive a nightly, interactive training email from me.  I will guide you through a meditation before bed, an area of focus for the next morning, real-time experiences from my own day, and as many practical, helpful tips I can cram into 2 weeks. You will also have the chance to ask specific questions that will be discussed in a conference call at the close of our 2 weeks together.  Maybe some day we’ll end with a cruise, but for now, a conference call!  So if you would like some training from the trenches, some mothering for the mothers, some camaraderie for the caretakers, I truly hope you’ll consider joining me on this adventure. More details to follow in the coming weeks.

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