Painting The Front Door: 12 laborious steps that will freshen up your exterior while kicking your posterior!

Our new house is set back in the woods and is entirely magical. Deer, birds, lizards, caterpillars, a bubbling creek, berry bushes and 5 barefoot kids fill out the property, making the whole thing feel like you've entered a simpler time teeming with tranquility and life. Our front door, however, didn't seem to convey that... Continue Reading →

Happy 9th Birthday, Sam!

To my second son, my first red-head, and the one who introduced me to home birth and baseball.To my son who embodies boyhood and bravery and inspires me to love both. To my son who is 100% tough and 100% tender all at the some time, leaving me feeling safe and vulnerable all at the... Continue Reading →

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