Diva Mia

A few things about this…


1.  This is now how we go to the gym.  Every. Single. Morning.

2.  The tons of tulle makes a most excellent mosquito net.  And we have a TON of mosquitos.

3.  This means Princess Mia turns into a walking bug magnet.  And I do more laundry.

4.  The accompanying glass slippers (not pictured, and waaay to big) dramatically slow down our already snail-like pace.  We have to climb 2 flights of stairs to get to the gym.  Just cruel.

5.  The bag remains empty, but still a crucial accessory.

6.  I have NO CLUE what this pose is.

7.  Or this one.  I simply asked if I could take her picture.

diva mia1


8.  99% of people we encounter on our painfully slow trek smile and laugh.


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