I need a t-shirt that reads: I Survived Summer of ’14!

Please excuse my blogging absence as I enjoy some much-needed technological silence after:

  • 70 days on the road (4500 miles!)
  • landing back in Philly last Saturday
  • moving into our new home the next day
  • unpacking boxes, setting up furniture, hanging clothes and recovering toys

All while:

  • making the inevitable post-moving trips to Target and Ikea (Silas has been promoted to Second Shopping Cart Pusher!)
  • trying to find my cooking utensils (why didn’t I label boxes in more detail???)
  • getting the kids and I back onto a ‘normal’ schedule
  • gearing up for year 2 of homeschooling
  • dishing out extra lovin’ to a teething/miserable 10-month old
  • striving to do all this in a calm, moderate manner (rather than the headless chicken routine)

Here’s some additional facts:

  • the Hero Hubs found our home while I was unleashing my inner hippie via my 70-day road trip with the kids
  • I saw said home for the first time as the moving truck rolled up.  And I loved it instantly.  He did well.  Real well.
  • Said moving truck contained our entire boxed-up belongings.  Which were ransacked by RATS while in storage.  *For those who have followed my ongoing battle with rodents will find this exceptionally ironic.
  • In case you are moving and tempted to keep unopened packages of chia and flax seeds in storage, DON’T.  They will be opened.  By rats.  Who chew through cardboard boxes, tupperware and wrapping paper to get to the goods.
  • I’m learning to be ok with this discovery
  • Our new neighbors include a 5-year old Brazilian Beauty with whom the boys are smitten (and with whose toys Caramia is smitten)
  • I’m not sure if that sentence is grammatically correct.  Someone help me out!
  • We also have Colombian boys on our block…who have way cooler bikes/scooters than us and are good at sharing
  • For the first time, I have a gas stove.  I can now prepare an entire meal in the time it would take to boil water on an electric range.  I. WILL. NEVER. BE. THE. SAME.
  •  Yesterday I was having my weekly checkup with Sammy as we sat on the front step:

Me:  What do you think of our new house?

Sammy:  I like it.

Me:  What exactly do you like about it.

Sammy: [as a man bikes past our sidewalk]  That guy.  He’s crazy!


So as I sit here at Starbucks (big surprise) enjoying some sans-kids time thanks to the Hero Hubs (again, big surprise) my mind is spinning with things I hope to share about my epic road trip.  But first, I will rest and enjoy having the gang back together again!reunited





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