50 facts (sorta) from 50 days on the road

  1.  Judah has learned to sit up on this trip
  2.   And crawl
  3.   And sleep absolutely anywhere
  4.   Silas has kicked his vegetarianism and discovered a love for fried chicken
  5.   We’ve gotten Chic-fil-a take out over 20 times so far
  6.   It’s been the majority of my grocery budget
  7.   And the reason why Silas now likes meat
  8.   Caramia has fallen in love with lipstick
  9.   Sammy said he loves me more than “a big big airplane”
  10.   Judah said “Da Da”
  11.   Caramia pointed to a picture of President George W. Bush and yelled “Daddy!”
  12.   We miss Daddy!
  13.   In 40 hours he is flying out to Nashville to visit us for a week!!!
  14.   We’ve stayed in 11 different homes so far
  15.   That means I’ve packed and unpacked the van at least 22 times
  16.   Sammy almost single-handedly packed up the van this past week
  17.   It was amazing
  18.   Our only illness so far has been one solitary vomit incident
  19.   We sleep in most mornings until 8 or 9
  20.   That is GLORIOUS
  21.   Each night a different child gets to sleep in Mommy’s bed
  22.   I’ve been kicked, kneed, and hit by sleeping children countless times
  23.  Caramia even got airborne and landed on my chest while we were both in a dead sleep
  24. How does that happen??
  25.   Sammy is probably the best cuddler of the bunch
  26.   He’s like holding a baby wild animal….equal parts amazing and terrifying
  27.   I’ve grocery shopped at Trader Joe’s, Publix, Whole Foods, Walmart, Target and Food Lion at least every 4 days
  28. We’ve managed to get the cops called on us
  29. We’ve visited with a total of 27 children and have yet to break up a serious fight
  30. Or get a serious injury
  31. In fact, we’ve only had need for bandaids a handful of times
  32. Sam did pick up a cuss word along the way somehow
  33. he used it hesitantly and out of context
  34. and then forgot it.  Phew!
  35. Along our travels, the only thing we’ve misplaced is a swim mask
  36. Which is far better than misplacing a child
  37. No one has sunburned
  38. We just broke our first item tonight: a glass vase
  39. It was Judah
  40. I actually stayed in homes that did not contain a coffee maker
  41. it was panic-inducing
  42. As I type this, Caramia fell out of her bed…………………..
  43. I’m  back.  She requested a hug and a story about a snake and a lion
  44. We stayed with friends who have 4 children, two of whom are named Jude and Silas.  So it was a little confusing.
  45. In 40 hours, Micah is flying out to Nashville to visit us for a week!  Right, I already said that.
  46. Our go-to snacks while driving are apples, granola bars & cheese sticks.  Mostly because I can throw them while driving.
  47. Some day they’ll probably claim I deprived them of the full road trip experience b/c they didn’t eat chips, beef jerky and soda.
  48.  I know it sounds crazy, but I really am enjoying this trip tremendously
  49. I wonder if all this packing and unpacking will make moving into our new home easier
  50. I have been amazed at the hospitality of so many friends along the way.  Though I’ve sadly had to decline several invitations, it’s nice to know there’s such a network of support.chicken


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  1. “Mainly cuz I can throw them while driving!” Pulled Rudd over her to read it. The visual is hilarious!!! THANK YOU for this dessert blog!!!

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