Domestic Disturbance??

Sweet little Caramia has been having a hard time getting her body and mind to slow down at night.  I’m sure the combination of new settings every 3-5 days, time changes, lots of activities and not-our-typical-eating has done a number on her (we don’t normally consider waffle fries a food group, or yogurt-coated animal crackers a nourishing breakfast.) So as we went to visit my brother-in-law and his wife, I picked up some help from Whole Foods.sleep

Then we took them to Samford University, where Funcle Nate is a professor, and we ran them ragged on the basketball court.  He’s the Fun Uncle…the Funcle…and doesn’t disappoint.


Then after a hearty organic Mexican dinner (where I later learned that feeding your 9 month old an entire appetizer of guacamole makes for some nasty organic diapers the next day) I gave the children their sleep aid.

And it was amazing.

Save for a brief….er….discussion that in part went like this:



“You’re not my sister anymore!”

“I don’t like your words right now”,

they went to bed quietly and without protest.

So you can imagine my surprise when the police knocked on the door.  Because the downstairs neighbor called about a potential domestic violence upstairs.

No officer, that was just bedtime.  And a rather peaceful one at that!





3 thoughts on “Domestic Disturbance??

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  1. OKKKKKKKK, this is hysterical and precious ALL AT ONCE!!! Love it….Thanks for the updates and for sharing your precious clan with us all. Love you so, Aunt Cack

  2. This hoops shot is particularly precious to me as I LOVE SEEING Sam and Si running around….b/c, in my mind, that is ALSO Uncle Bill with Nate and Wavey. So, so PRECIOUS!!!!!

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