My Bucket Overfloweth

I took all 4 kids to a water park.

I repeat: we went to a large, stranger-filled, water-aboundeth park.

And we had fun!

I know, I’m just as surprised as you are.

Here’s some highlights:

1. Lazy River.  For a mom with 4 young kids, the Lazy River is more like an obstacle course.  Instead of lounging on a raft, you’re walking the half-mile river in a semi-squat position holding 1-4 children in varying degrees of euphoria.  After 4 laps, some of which involved fighting the strong current in order to retrieve a child, I decided that I could skip the gym later that day.

2.  Wave pool.  Ocean-like, but without the sharks, salt, or sand.  Genius!

3.  Big kid rides.  Silas and I rode this super fast, semi-steep water slide that had me legitimately yelling.  I think we’re entering the stage of mutual entertainment for both child and parent.  Very exciting!

4.  As we were leaving, I was able to get Caramia changed into dry clothes, which I count as a big success.  Then I let the kids have one more shot at these large water guns, only to glance over right as a huge bucket suspended 10 feet above her head dumped a ton of water all over her clean-diaper, dry clothes, napless self.  Classic.  My one dry child instantly becomes the wettest.  And the loudest.

Tonight, as I sit here in a dark bedroom listening to the 3 big kids drift off to sleep (clutching glow sticks, of course…such a great help when staying in new places) I’m so happy I can have fun with them.  Play with them.  Laugh with them.  Swim with them.  This homeless road trip has overflowed with buckets upon buckets of gifts from God and others.


*Not pictured: Judah, who was napping in his stroller, and Caramia…I don’t really know where she was come to think of it.

*Also: I believe that is a hot, wilted piece of watermelon hanging out of Silas’ mouth.  Pretty sure.

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