Couture Caramia

Caramia’s world started expanding last month when she discovered lipstick and heels with the help of friends we were visiting.IMG_0036

Caramia’s world started exploding when she discovered she has built-in sonar for said items.  Like the other day when we found her hidden in Mimi’s room with Mimi’s lipstick, now reduced to a nub from all the smearing.


Or the next day when relatives came to the door and she ran away, only to emerge minutes later like this.


Heels, lipstick and a purse full of pennies.  Ready to paint the town, baby!

And then there was the time- yesterday- when I thought she was taking a fantastic nap.  Only to discover that she was sitting on my bed with my purse and two empty containers of rather expensive lip gloss.  Since there was no mess, I can only assume that she ATE them (they were coconut based so I’m guessing she just couldn’t resist?)

So I decided that, if I wasn’t going to be able to curb her cosmetic crush, I could at least help direct it.  Right?  So I bought her what I thought was an almost invisible shade of pink lipstick.  A shade that wouldn’t show up on either her face or the furniture.  And I provided a mirror so she could work on her craft.


Turns out that particular shade of pink stands out rather boldly on both her face and the ENTIRE mirror.

So clearly the whole lipstick thing wasn’t working so well (for me) and so I thought: JEWELRY.  What little girl doesn’t love jewelry, right?  And it just so happens that my cousin had just given me this beautiful hand-made bracelet.  And by hand-made I mean that she formed, baked and painted the clay beads by hand.  She’s pretty amazing.  So I gave it to Caramia in a ceremonious way, explaining that this was her bracelet and oh how pretty it looks on her wrist.

I walk away for two minutes and Sammy runs to me yelling “Mia’s eating her jewelry!”  And no joke, I find Caramia chomping away on the beads.  She had already gotten 3 or 4 down the ol’ hatch before I could stopped her.


In her defense, it DID sorta kinda look like a candy bracelet.  Not that she knows what candy bracelets are since I’ve never given her such unhealthy junk or anything.  Yeah.

One thing’s for sure: Caramia Joy is one strong, determined, take-life-by-the-horns little girl.  And I’m glad I get a front row seat to all that beauty.





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