Thirty Days Worth of Thoughts

The kids and I have been on the road for 30 days now, and so I thought you might like to hear some of my wandering thoughts on the subject.

  1. We’ve driven 1,300 miles
  2. Stayed in 5 different homes
  3. In 3 different states
  4. Visiting a total of 31 friends and family members so far
  5. We’re leaving Athens tomorrow for Tallahassee and the Panhandle, where we’ll get to visit lots more friends and family
  6. We’ve visited 2 different Y’s and swam in some awesome community pools
  7. The kids have gone to bed watching a movie most nights.  That’ll be a hard habit to kick once we’re un-homeless again
  8. I’ve discovered I actually really enjoy sharing a room with the 3 older children; there’s something so peaceful about hearing their sleepy breath.
  9. Sammy laughs in his sleep
  10. Silas yells “No.  It’s mine.”
  11. Caramia turns like a rotisserie chicken ALL. NIGHT. LONG.
  12. Judah has become mobile, army crawling wherever he pleases
  13. I have mixed emotions about this.  I kinda like immobility
  14. We haven’t sunburned
  15. I intended to work on literacy with Silas on this trip, but haven’t even unpacked the book.
  16. I’m not concerned
  17. He may not be reading, but he has discovered he likes chicken
  18. Up until this, he’s been a staunch self-proclaimed vegetarian
  19. I like playing ball with Sammy
  20. He’s better at it than me.  Big time.
  21. We’ve only had one sickness.  Silas.  Throwing up.  Just once.
  22. Judah has begun sleeping through the night.  Traveling must be exhausting for him!
  23. Caramia discovered a serious love for heels and lipstick.  And she can sniff out a fresh stash anywhere.
  24. Though we already packed minimally, I’m leaving half of that behind in Athens
  25. I’m amazed by this
  26. The Hero Hubs is tirelessly looking for our next home
  27. Yes, this means we still haven’t found ‘the one’
  28. I’m not anxious
  29. I’m amazed at that
  30. I’m seeing how distracting I let ‘homemaking’ become for me.  I’ve been much more present and mindful these past 30 days and attribute it to the absence of laundry piles, dirty dishes, dusty bookshelves, sticky floors, etc.  I know these chores are unavoidable (I don’t think we’re hiring a full-time staff all Downtown Abby style any time soon) but I’d like my relationship with them to change.  Not sure how yet.  So stay tuned for that one.



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