Pool Peace


To whom it may concern: you can send my Nobel Peace Prize in the mail.

Why should I qualify for the Nobel Peace Prize, you ask?

Oh, no big deal.  It’s just that I took all 4 kids to the pool the other day- unassisted- and actually sat still for TWENTY-ONE minutes.  Yes, I counted.  And No, the kids weren’t duct-taped to a beach chair.  And for those 21 minutes, there was absolute peace.

Of course, minute 22 balanced us out.  That was the minute where Caramia had a blow-out in her swim diaper.  And anyone who’s ever used a swim diaper knows that they are as effective in containing…um…blow-outs as plastic wrap is in containing chili.

You’re welcome for the visual.

And then she sat in Judah’s bumbo, squeezing the whole mess out into his bowl-shaped seat.

But I’m glad to report that I kept calm and mindful.  And kept all the kids alive.  So that should definitely make me a shoe-in for the Peace Prize.photo

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