Confessions from the Road


1.  I count the chlorinated swimming pool as a bath.

2.  I use food as bribery (i.e. “if you do a good job cleaning up, I’ll give you a cookie.”  “If you go to bed without fussing, I’ll give you a gummy worm”.

3.   I forget to brush their gummy-worm coated teeth.  A lot.

4.  They’ve watched movies I vowed they wouldn’t.  Like Barney.  And Doodlebops.  Who comes up with this stuff??

5.  The only drive-thru we’ve visited so far is Chic-fil-a.  Eleven times.

6.  Caramia potty trained herself a while back, I gave her a high-five, and then un-potty-trained her for the sake of the road trip.  And I’m glad I did.

7.  As compensation, I let her express her independence via coloring all over her body with markers.  Does this lead to excessive tattoos one day?

8.  This is the first time I’ve ever been able to sleep in the same room as one of my babies without waking up to every stir.  Either Judah is that sound of a sleeper, or I’m that tired.

9.  Sammy wet the bed….er….sleeping bag, so I let him sleep in my bed naked.  Because it was 3 am and my brain doesn’t go to work until 6 am.

10.  Though I’ve packed my expensive organic Ergo, the only baby carrier I’ve used is my bag.  And despite this awkward candid, it really works awesomely!


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