Caramia meets Femininity

Until yesterday, this was Caramia’s idea of ‘dress up’.


 (She has 3 brothers and her Daddy was a Marine.  So it’s not her fault.)

And then we arrived at our dear friends’ home in Virginia.  They have 2 beautiful daughters,

who took it upon themselves to introduce Caramia to all things feminine.

Like purple batons…


and ballerina twirls…


and glass slippers.


You know that scene from E.T. where he appears dressed up like a girl?

Well, I had a similar reaction upon seeing Caramia dressed like this.

And NO, I’m not equating my sweet daughter to an extra terrestrial.

It’s just that seeing her dressed up felt like we were on another planet.

A very sparkly, glittery, pastel planet.


And she quickly made it her home.  Just look at that pose!  So natural!

 She had no idea make-up could  be applied before bed.  In bed.


Or that some bedtime stories actually contain princesses

rather that pirates and monsters and super heroes.


And perhaps the best part is that she somehow believes that

you cannot speak when wearing lipstick

for fear of compromising the integrity of application.


(When I told Micah this he said, “We gotta invest in lipstick!”)

Throughout her feminine indoctrination, she kept shooting me these eyes that said,

“Really?  This can happen??”

 Well, I guess it can.  And it did.  And there’s no going back now!

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