Road Trip Favorites: BINS

Today I will share the first of (I hope) many gizmos, gadgets and strategies that help me stay sane while road-tripping with 4 children.

Today’s installment: BINS.

To me, there’s nothing more exhausting…well, ok, that’s a slight exaggeration.  I can think of a few things that are more exhausting.

Like natural childbirth in a tub

PBC_Kirk_BWBirthWEB (105)

or running the Tough Mudder.


But anyway, like I was saying.  There’s few things more exhausting than having just arrived at your destination with a brood of children only to have to unpack what seems like 2 million bags.  And then having to fish through them to remember where that crucial sound machine is or the bibs or that special snack…all while the kids are melting down and you’re sweating profusely.  Blah!

Two words: Flexible Bins!


I picked these up at Target a while back because I’m a sucker for containers.  And for the colors aqua and lime green.  Can’t you tell by my blog?  And though I don’t typically purchase something unless it will meet a specific need, I just couldn’t resist.  And I’m glad I went with my gut on this one because WOW have they made traveling easier.  I designated each bin for a separate use:


The food bin stays in the front passenger seat
(though the cheese still melted once we crossed the Mason Dixon.  Man, is it humid!)


And the other 3 stay in the trunk.


*not pictured: the mountain of sleeping bags and pillows piled on top of the bins.  Still haven’t found a way around sleeping gear!

I can see everything, reach everything, and transport everything easily.

And they even make a great baby holder in a pinch.


Just kidding.  You probably don’t want to put a baby in a bin.

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