Road Trip Lessons


This morning began our open-ended road trip extravaganza.  After a sad- nay, heart-wrenching- good-bye to Daddy, I  buckled the kids in the van and immediately learned my first road trip lesson:

do NOT play Pinocchio as a distraction for children missing their Daddy.

And I quote, “Papa!  Papa!  Please come back.  I promise I’ll be good.  Don’t go!”

Um, thanks Pinocchio.  Keep an eye out for a bill to cover their counseling for psychological damage at formative ages.

Second road trip lesson learned ten miles down the road: kids prone to car-sickness will have heightened symptoms if watching a movie while driving.

Hey, live and learn (or some other cliche phrase that is supposed to add insight.)


I got this!

I got this?

I’m torn on which form of punctuation most accurately depicts how I feel about day 1 on the road.

9 thoughts on “Road Trip Lessons

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  1. You’ve got this Tommi! Your pictures are just so cute. I can wait to hear about stop number 1!=

    1. Thanks Katherine! Yeah, there’s something about big eyes and fat cheeks that are rather irresistible in little kids. And yes, I think you’ll particularly enjoy the pictures from our first stop 🙂

  2. What a brave Mom. or “Does she know what she is getting into?”
    Prayers for your travel. Always count red cars, blue cars, etc.
    Love you through all this. Mama Joan

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