A Confession and a Commitment

A Confession:

1. I’ve never followed a blog

2. my (ancient) phone does nothing but make calls and send texts.  On good days.

3. I didn’t know what instagram was until tonight

4. I’m about to embark on an open-ended road trip with my 4 children.  Alone.  In a mini-van.  Because we’re temporarily homeless.

These are the top 4 reasons (among a rather long list) for why I feel I’m not cut out to be a blogger.  But my hip friend Leah, who lives in NY and does this kind of stuff for a living (quite well, I might add) has convinced me otherwise. She’s visiting this week to help us pack/stay sane and she pretty much stated her case as such:

1. There actually ARE people who follow blogs, and they want to follow YOU, too.

2. But you’re gonna need an iphone

3. And an instagram account

4. Because you’re embarking on an open-ended road trip with your 4 children.  Alone.  In a mini-van.  Because you’re temporarily homeless.  And that’s blog material!

A Commitment:

So, tonight marks a new chapter….um….blog post….for me.  I may be taking this open-ended road trip alone, but I’m inviting you to join me.  My goal is to write something- anything- every night.  Gotta admit: this scares me a little.  Actually, a lot.  I’m not sure why, but when I figure it out, I’ll probably write about that, too!  Once I figure out how to use an iphone, of course.  But not while I’m driving.  Never text and drive.

PS.  Leah’s motivational speech ended with a fist pump and something about ‘burning the midnight oil’.  So here’s what that looks like.  Sitting in bed, in the dark, typing to the rhythmic snoring of my husband.

Photo on 2014-05-27 at 22.15


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