Camping, Part 2

It’s kinda hard to beat Part 1.  But honestly, I’m glad Part 2 is rather anti-climatic.

So, where was I?  Oh yes, we almost died while camping.  Right.  So, we abandon our campsite in the middle of the night/storm and retreat to our home, where we ride out the storm another day.  Then we go back to get our gear.

Which partially looked like this.


Thankfully, the Hero Hubs brought his ax, with which he finished the job.  And then taught Silas how to chop fire wood.


Because we must be addicted to extreme thrills or something.


Sammy, however, did not gain ax access, so he spent his time tearing down limbs with his bare hands.


ImageAfter all, we still had all the camp food and I was determined to cook it over a campfire.    Image

And apparently Caramia was determined to eat it.  All of it.

ImageImageImage So after eating 3-nights worth of s’mores in one sitting, some napped….

ImageImage  …while others practiced their ninja moves…


…and did guy things.  Like huddle around a water pump and spray each other.

ImageWe learned quite a bit on this trip- like how to set up a tent in a monsoon, and how to escape said monsoon with only the light of a headlamp as a guide.  Like how many s’mores can a toddler consume before the sugar coma hits?  Or the best way to bandage a 5-year-old’s ax-induced blisters.  We also grew in patience and flexibility and working together.

All of which I’m sure will come in very handy as the kids and I embark on an open-ended road trip next week.

 Wait.  I didn’t tell you?!

Oh, then stay tuned for what I’m sure will be a very interesting story.


2 thoughts on “Camping, Part 2

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  1. You ARE coming to Tallahassee, aren’t you??? PLEEZE!!! How wonderful to actually SEE all of you!!! lLove you guys dearly, and only wish the big “M” could come!!! Mimi

    1. Cat’s out of the bag, Mimi. We’re headed your way early July! I’ve worked out details with Aunt Cacky and we’re VERY excited. Rest up now 😉

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