Dear Baby

I just want to reiterate that you are loved by your siblings.  Dearly, sincerely, aggressively loved.  And here’s some evidences:

– your sister colored on your precious newborn scalp with permanent purple marker.  No doubt as a way to brand you as hers.

-she also shares her food with you.  Including cheese puffs and ice cream.  And if you knew how much she loved her food, this is a big deal.


-most mornings you awake to 3 pudgy little faces and 6 grubby little hands nudging you awake.  And though incapable of morning voices, they really are trying to be gentle. Image

-the boys insist that you play in the basement with them.  And they cover you up if it’s too cold.Image

-Middle Man often stands guard while you nap, refusing to leave the room until you’re asleep.


-Just tonight, they let you in on their bedtime show.  Which involved Daddy banging the snare drum in the pitch-dark while Big Brother operated the flashlight-turned-strobe-light and the 2 “Middles” danced themselves into a sweaty frenzy.

-And I’m sure the final evidence will be when they offer to pay your full therapy bill one day!Image

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