Cabin Fever

With an unusual amount of snow here in Philly, we’ve contracted a bit of cabin fever.  Here’s a few of our symptoms/remedies (depends on how you look at it!)

1. Built a SummerMan in honor of warmer times, complete with a written plea of “WE WANT SUMMER!”  *Note: this will be the one and only time we go out in the snow.  NOT. A. FAN. of toddlers + bundling + 20 degrees.  But at least we got a picture.


2.  Eat.  Anything, anytime.  Here is Middle Man helping himself to a sandwich…



…and then cleaning the counter…


…and then cleaning his face…


…and then fist-pumping his success.


3.  Play in the basement.  As I write this, the boys are skateboarding in the basement.  And JUST NOW (no joke) they came running upstairs with a bloody nose.  As I type this.  While nursing Baby Dude.  Um, multitask overload.  Hero Hubs came downstairs to see what happened and I explained that I was working on a post on beating cabin fever when there was a skateboarding injury.  To which he looks at the scene, complete with blood, 2 disheveled little boys, a nursing baby, and me (still in my bathrobe at 2 pm) and says, “Um, I think Cabin Fever is beating us”.   Touche.

4.  Hype up pending birthdays!  Big Brother turns 5 soon, so we did what any slightly-crazy family would do: put his head on a stick to count down the days.  We also spend insane amounts of time browsing Pinterest for the perfect birthday cake.  Which I have not the skills to replicate, and shall blog about that adventure, too, I’m sure.


5.  Throw in the towel (or in my  case, bathrobe) and head to Chuck E Cheese!  Yup, we’ll be there aaall night if you want to join us.

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  1. Love this post! A think a trip down south is in order! 🙂 P.S. I can’t believe “Big Brother” turns 5 soon! Love his face on a stick! haha

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