Boys & Girls & Personal Bubbles

There’s a lot of masculinity in our house.


They are constantly morphing into ninjas, knights, Marines,


“Daddy’s”, and men with facial hair.


Just today Silas declared, in response to Daddy asking him if he’d like to be President one day:

“No, I just wanna be a ninja when I grow up, that’s all.”


With all the masculinity in the house, Little Lady and I try our best to round it out with some femininity.

Mostly in the form of nail polish


and selfies.


But sometimes they still get the best of us.


And then there’s our sweet little baby.


This car serves as his “Personal Bubble” to protect him from the others.

But sometimes that bubble is popped.


He just really has a way of drawing us all closer together.


Literally.  He’s like a magnet.


The kids just love being around him


And we’re pretty sure he enjoys their company, too.

Except for when he’s trying to escape.


One of the important aspects of having a larger family is balancing togetherness with alone time.

We all need alone time every so often.

Which I suspect is why Middle Man chose to nap in a box.



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