Quietly Coasting

My blog may have been quiet this month, but my family hasn’t!  Case in point: I’m writing this during nap time for the 3 youngest.  Naps my foot!  Though the kids all share a room, sometimes I divide them up into different rooms in order to conquer naps.  So right now, Little Lady has climbed up to the top bunk and is peeking through the blinds to talk to the squirrels sitting in the tree.  All this after she just dumped out her dresser drawer (a favorite pre-nap pastime of hers!).  Middle Man is napping in the guest room with Baby Dude (almost 4 months!)  Baby Dude is laughing hysterically in his swing while Middle Man is peeking out the window yelling “Hey rascal, I got a nut!  I got a nut for you”.  Yes, he’s talking to the same squirrel as Little Lady.  No wonder critters love our house.

Oh, and Big Brother is standing in the stairwell yelling to all of them, “Hey guys, it’s me!  Your big brother.  What are you all doing?”

Napping, of course.

So like I was saying, my blog may have been quiet this month, but my family hasn’t!  January has been a sort of rest season for me.  A time where I reeeeeaaally lower the bar in all areas of life and simply coast.  Probably wouldn’t win any awards from New Years Resolution fanatics, but hey!  Minimal housework.  Minimal outings.  Minimal cooking.  Just floating (though floating with 4 little ones in the raft can feel more like a white water rapid at times!)


Baby Dude is absolutely awesome!  Seems like all he does is smile and laugh and eat (90th percentile).


He just LOVES being in the middle of activity.  Literally.



Little Lady is another one who’s always ready for an adventure, most of which take place during nap time where she has the ‘freedom’ to get into mischief.


Just this morning I caught her eating rock salt and exhaust-encrusted snow as we walked to the gym!!!

What? How? Serious???

Middle Man has enjoyed the snow…in shorts and a t-shirt and shoveling with a rake, of course.IMG_0705

Big Brother went sledding for the first time with his neighborhood friends.


However, I am NOT a fan of snow + little kids + winter gear, so I tend to look for reasons to keep them INSIDE.

Like movies and lollipops.

Photo on 2014-01-23 at 14.42 #3

Hey, I said it was a coasting month, didn’t I?

But the coasting is coming to an end, and I’m ready to begin pedaling again in February.  And I think the little ones finally fell asleep, so I shall go do something really productive.  Like eat lunch 🙂  Thank you for your many kind words during my silence.  I look forward to sharing our stories as they unfold!

3 thoughts on “Quietly Coasting

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  1. So fun to get an update and see pictures! But *how* do you keep your head from exploding at a nap time like that? Practice? I think my endurance skills need some work. 🙂

    I love your idea of choosing a month to coast. Good for you!

    1. Ha! I didn’t know head explosions were an option 😉 They way I see it: if the kids play, rearrange their dresser, or talk to squirrels for 60 minutes before taking a 2 hour nap, that means I just scored THREE whole hours of ‘down time’. I know they’re safe (their bedroom is pretty much a padded cell), and I know they eventually lay down and sleep, so I’m not nervous about their safety. And when they wake up, they get to clean up their evidence!

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