Holiday Spirit Bargains

God bless the dollar section at Target, which regularly saves me from synchronized kiddie meltdowns (yup, I bribe the 3 older kids with a dollar toy if they do a good job with their shopping responsibilities.  C’mon, $3 for preserved sanity is the real bargain here!)  And this week, I’m particularly thankful for this little $1 goodie, which is daily- no- hourly saving my sanity.  Now, when they ask (again and again)

how many days til Christmas

I can just point to the snowman.

I don’t even have to utter a word.

Just point.

Thank you, Target.


*1st disclaimer:  I use a candy cane to mark the date, but that is not working out so well as sweet Caramia (i.e. our raccoon-like forager) has been creating ways to climb up and snag it.  May have to resort to something inedible.


On this same particular Target run, we also bought Christmas hats for our 5k tomorrow….stay tuned for pictures of that goodie!  Sam picked out this hat for Judah (whom he regularly calls “Little Buddy” and it’s just too cute) and pounces at any chance to squeeze it on his head.

christmas closet

*2nd disclaimer: Judah doesn’t regularly sleep in his car seat in the coat closet.

Well, who am I kidding.  Of course he  does!

Christmas closet1

And of course the other kids swarm to the camera like moths to a flame.  And no, I don’t know why Little Lady is crying, though I’m sure it has to do with the 2 guilty-looking ones standing next to her.

Just another morning!

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