Hiding Place


Our church meets at a beautiful Catholic high school in West Philly.  One of the benefits of this location is all the outdoor space for the kids.  It’s pretty much a huge concrete playpen with concrete flower beds and a few concrete statues as the boundaries.  Genius.  Except I somehow lost Silas last week while we were all talking after the service.  I admit I panicked for a few seconds.  After all, it IS the city.  Oh, and did I  mention the Hero Hubs wasn’t with us, so it would be tough explaining to him how I lost our child at church of all places.

Anyway, this is how I found him.  His idea of a good hiding spot.  It worked.


 praying silas

I would love to hear of all the wonderful ways you’ve lost your child as well.  I’m sure I’m not alone.  Right?!?!

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  1. That is scary and fantastic at the same time 🙂 I love how he is sitting with the statue! Just the other day we had a scare for the first time while at the mall. Paige is 7 now so she is usually really good about staying with me when walking. Were at a mall stand and she sees an awesome ride she wants to go on which we sternly tell her no an continued to look at items. Suddenly I hear Paige screaming mom, mom! She was on the opposite side of the ride. Go figure! She said she was walking with her eyes closed and lost us. LOL! Walking with eyes closed…..okay. Sometimes I want to be so mad but I just cant help but laugh inside.

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