Boy Oh Boy!

Well, today we took a family field trip to get an ultrasound of the baby.  Yup, Micah, the 3 kids, a stroller, and my big ol’ belly crammed into a dimly lit room to get a peek of baby #4.  As soon as the technician found the baby, it looked as if he was staring out from the  screen and waving to the kids.  So convincing, actually, that the kids starting waving back.

Seeing your baby for the first time- seeing his little hands and feet, his beating heart, his mouth opening and closing, his every movement- never gets old.  It’s completely breathtaking.  Twenty weeks.  Ten ounces.  Fully formed.  A miracle.  I cry every time.

And I also guess the gender correctly every time.  That being said, we’re having a BOY!  The Hero Hubs actually wanted to wait until the birth to find out; he takes pride and joy in being able to declare the gender.  And I don’t blame him!  But for whatever reason, I really wanted to know this time around, and he lovingly conceded.  Ironically, though, he was still able to declare the gender from the ultrasound!  The technician was having a hard time locating the goods, and then suddenly Daddy says, “Woah!  Is that what I think it is???”  And sure enough, there on the screen, as clear as day, was…well…you know.

So Little Lady remains our princess (though she’s tougher than both boys combined!) and we are getting closer to a complete basketball team.

I know this isn’t the case for every expectant mom, but for me, the old wives tales have proven true each time.  The boys’ pregnancies are relatively easy.  Minimal nausea.  Still able to work out.  Healthy glow.  Overall emotionally stable.  Not so with our precious Little Lady.  I was almost beginning to wonder if I was growing a monster!  Miserable sickness for almost 9 months.  Emotional roller coaster (I attribute that to the extra girly hormones I was housing). Different cravings.  Anyway, if the Lord continues to bless us with children, I’m sure I’ll be stumped one of these times.  But for now, I stand by my completely non-medical, highly superstitious formula for determining gender.

Anyway, we were so excited that we decided to celebrate in the only fitting manner, really.  We went to Chuck E. Cheese.  Our fun house is about to get a little more fun 🙂

chuck e cheese 2


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  1. LOVE the picture! You were right again! I was wrong again! So very happy. Priviledged to pray for another child! xoxoxox

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