Two Laughs from Two Boys

Laugh #1

Though our drive to church is only 3 miles long, visually it looks like we’re traversing the globe.  The streets are filled with people from all over the world and there’s no lack of interesting clothing, food, music and activities.  Today we stopped to let an elderly Indian gentleman cross the street.  He had a looooong white beard and was wearing a turban and a sherwani (yes, I had to google that.)  Big Brother gasped and said, “Mom, I think that’s God!”

Laugh #2

The boys and I had a lovely impromptu date to Starbucks before church.  As we sat eating our goodies, three-year old Middle Man quickly became smitten with a woman sitting across the room.  She was a beautiful 30-something wearing a feminine dress complete with a flower in her hair.  He said he wanted to talk to her but that he wanted me to come with him.  Four-year old Big Brother, however, knew that dragging Mom along makes for a poor first impression (equivalent to “I still live with my parents”), so he said, “Here brother, I’ll help you”.  So hand-in-hand they timidly approached the woman (a tactic that would not work as grown men, for sure!) and Middle Man asked dreamily, “What is your name?”  The woman blushed, introduced herself, and shook his hand.  Mission accomplished.

-Bonus Laugh-

I typed this post almost entirely with one finger since Little Lady insisted on sitting on my lap and smothering me.

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  1. Tommi, I just found your Blog and, what a treasure to read, laugh, be deeply touched and empathize with your well chosen words and honesty! What a gift you give us all–especially those charges for which you are responsible (includes Amazing Husband)!

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