Tonight I pulled out the bin of 0-3 month baby boy clothes.  For the third time.  Though we still have 4 months til his arrival, I just can’t help myself.  After a 3 year hiatus, these tiny clothes will once again wrap up a tiny soul entrusted to our family.  As I sat folding each article, I was overwhelmed with so many sweet memories.

  Like the shirt that Big Brother wore, just 2 days old, when I introduced him to his Daddy in Iraq via satellite.


Or the plaid pants he wore, six weeks later, when he finally got to meet him face-to-face.


Then there was the camouflage sweatshirt that seemed to fit Middle Man’s personality so well


And the froggy burp cloth that came everywhere with him because he was such a projectile vomiter.


And then there’s the pajamas.  I’m pretty sure I’ve spent every second of the night with each son  nursing or changing diapers or rocking back to sleep.  (There’s no pictures of that, because, well, who takes pictures at 3 am when completely sleep-deprived?)  It is so strange how easily I can forget the complaints of that season- such little sleep, so many feedings!  I mean, I remember factually that there was little sleep to be had, but I don’t feel those memories.  What I do feel is the sweetness of that season.  Sitting quietly in the dark with a baby.  Smelling his hair.  Eyes getting heavy.  Breath relaxing.

So in four months I’ll once again have the opportunity to forsake complaining about the lack of sleep or the plethora of diapers and simply enjoy the moment.  What a gift!   And I’m sure, there will be plenty of stories to share 🙂

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  1. I forget the feelings of sleep depravation as each day drags on. For example, it is now 9:30pm and I should go to bed instead of be reading blogs because I know that baby #3 will be waking up in 2 hours and I’ll barely have the energy to pick him up. And these days I never have the energy to actually put him back to bed after he eats so he just sleeps next to me the rest of the night and even still, I feel to tired to nurse him when he wakes up three hours after that.

    1. It’s funny you mentioned baby #3 sleeping with you…that was our experience, too. The first 2 boys always slept in their cribs, but with baby #3, I was so tired at night that she just stayed with us so I could sleep! I don’t regret that now; such sweet memories. Also, I found that I wanted to stay up later at night, too, just to do something adult-like! Congratulations, by the way, on your beautiful son 🙂

  2. Tommi, your details brought little tears to the corners of my eyes. I, too, cherished those moments, now memories of so many years ago. I thought I would never experience those things again, but then came grandchildren. Life is filled with blessings at every stage. Thanks for sharing yours with us. ❤

    1. I actually thought of you as I pulled out one of the bright yellow onesies you had given me when I was pregnant with Silas. I believe we were sitting over coffee at Barnes and Noble (big surprise). Thankful for your friendship, Peggy!

  3. Love it. I feel the same way. I have memories with Noel, like her sleeping with me in my bed until she was 6 months old because levi was gone. Hope only got to stay a few weeks;)
    Its exciting to know there is another one we get to love…like the fish and bread God used-there just always seems to be more.

  4. I am paranoid about my son having a seizure while in another room, so he barely uses his bedroom. Just this past weekend I moved my bedroom to be next to his so that I won’t miss anything. There are pocket doors between our rooms, you better believe they won’t be shut. Paranoia, or just being an overprotective mom? I don’t know, but it’s what works for my personal sanity!

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