Remembering Clint

September 1, 2002 was the fist time I watched a loved one slip from this world and into the Next. I had never stood between those two Worlds before.  I was 22 and hiking in North Carolina with a dear group of friends who had become like family through the years. One moment we were... Continue Reading →

52 Days

Fifty-two day. The past 52 days have been filled with more than I thought possible.  Life, death, joy, sorrow, frustration, fear, excitement, hello's, goodbye's all intermingled these past 52 days.  Doors in my life have been opening and closing so quickly- and so simultaneously- that it feels like emotional whiplash.  And typically I find great... Continue Reading →

Enduring the Difficult

In January I had the privilege (and challenge) of speaking to a women's gathering in North Carolina.  Coming up with the topic basically followed this train of thought: every human faces difficulty...most want to see good come out of their difficulty....few actually know how to endure their difficulty in order to reap the rewards (or... Continue Reading →

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