Enduring the Difficult

In January I had the privilege (and challenge) of speaking to a women’s gathering in North Carolina.  Coming up with the topic basically followed this train of thought: every human faces difficulty…most want to see good come out of their difficulty….few actually know how to endure their difficulty in order to reap the rewards (or why enduring is even important.)  This is my story of learning the skills that are helping me endure the big (and small) hardships of life.  I hope you find this encouraging in your own journey.

With much love and cheering as we journey together,


PS.  If you’d like the interactive experience, grab a pen and piece of paper so you can participate in the short exercises included in this video.  *Total running time: 45 minutes (i.e. just long enough to hide from your kids in a closet or bathroom.)

3 thoughts on “Enduring the Difficult

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  1. I’d been meaning to listen to your talk and just finally sat down to do it. It really hit me where I was this afternoon- I so appreciate your sharing it. Also, this is crazy, but our church went through the the Peter Scazzero book all together a few years ago! It was pre-kf for me and we got the book but I was kind of like, whatever, and never read it! Now I’m excited to read it! Thanks for sharing so many helpful things.

  2. I’m impressed you found time to sit down to listen to this talk! And I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on Scazzero’s book now that you have a different perspective.

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