The journey continues…

Guess what?


Yup.  Bundle of Joy # 5 will be arriving in July!

I find it quite hilarious that my last post was titled Not As Planned.

Why? Because that’s where we’ve been dwelling the past month.  Not As Planned.

You see, I had just given away most of my baby gear.  And I had just come to terms with the thought of not having more babies. We reasoned that, with Micah going back to school, we’re probably at max capacity for a while.  At least our minivan and 3 bedroom/1 bath home are!  And though I shed more than one tear as I packed away baby clothing and wondered if a chubby little baby would ever wear them again, I had found peace.

Peace that got blurry real fast (along with my vision) when I saw two lines.  Two lines?  What does that mean??  I don’t remember???  You’d think I’d remember seeing as I’ve done this a few times!!! And how have pregnancy tests gotten so high-tech in the past 3 years????

So I did the only thing reasonable: shoved my head out my second story bedroom window as I cried and let the cold rain slap the panic out of me.

Two lines.  A fifth baby.  A strong-willed fifth baby who apparently would not take NO for an answer.  No surprise to those who know our children.  Or us.  A baby who’s determined to be in our family.  Even when we were determined to ‘be done’.

Apparently God has other plans.


And then I began to remember.  Remember the gifts each of our babies brought to our family.  The support showered upon us.  The people who smile/laugh rather than cringe when we inevitably announce we’re pregnant.  I remember how I’ve matured each time I welcomed a baby into my arms.  I remember how I’m learning to nurture myself as I learn to nurture my children.  How Micah and I work hard at working out the kinks of marriage so that we’re a more authentic couple.  And consequently a happier couple. (I also remember the joy/agony of childbirth and have made a mental note to do some praying and positive thinking on that one!)

And so the journey continues…

collage 2




6 thoughts on “The journey continues…

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  1. With God…it is never “not as planned”! So, this is the perfect plan. You and Micah will be blessed with another child, the kids will be blessed with another sibling, Karen, Harvey, Dad and I will be blessed with another grandchild, and the world will be blessed with another Kirkpatrick!! God is so good!

  2. Well said, Sandy…..Tommi, you are such a trooper! Make whatever adjustments necessary for your well-being….You will know—you’re doing your inner work. Thankfully, it is preparing you for this big curve in the road of life.

  3. “And whoever welcomes one such child in My name welcomes Me”. Matthew 18:5

    Congratulations Tommi! God will bless you for being generous with Him- we can never out give God! We just give him our best and He can multiply it for us! So happy for you!

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