Should’ve Known!

Last night all 4 kids and the Hero Hubs were peacefully sleeping BEFORE 8 pm. It was utterly delightful.  And a little eerie.

I should’ve known.  Known that it was just the calm before the storm.  The storm that took the form of Caramia projectile vomiting at midnight.  While running down the hall in her princess gown.  Creating a slip ‘n slide of sickness.  So when Micah and I ran to get her, we all slipped and slid along the hall, spreading the love.

But I didn’t know that yet.  So I simply enjoyed my quiet evening that looked like this:IMG_1096

Before it turned into a night of vomit-catching and sleeping upright on the couch with a cute little girl with an incredible amount of chattiness in between sick session.

And before it turned into the Hero Hubs doing several loads of laundry at 3 am and making sure the coffee maker was programmed for a few extra cups in the morning.

And before it turned into this:


the boys creating a barricade to the bedroom to keep out their sister and her germs.

And an early morning run to the grocery store for supplies…


…In pj’s with a popsicle-eating sick toddler and a pant-less baby Judah covered in oatmeal because, when I asked his older brother to feed him this morning as I cared for Caramia, he took that as an ok to hand over the entire bowl to Judah.  Who then plastered himself with the gooey goodness.  But at least he smelled sweet as cinnamon.  Which was more than I could say for Caramia.  Or me, I’m sure.


And this:


a crock pot chicken on a bed of medicinal veggies and herbs and a dash of hope.

And endless Redbox movies on the quarantined couch (I just had to google the spelling of that.) IMG_1104

And a blog post about the whole adventure.

You’re welcome!

2 thoughts on “Should’ve Known!

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  1. wow, and to think how angry I got this morning when Ezra emptied my cd rack into a corner behind a chair. :0( so sorry to hear about this evening you experienced!

    1. Isn’t it interesting to see what stirs up our anger? For me, anything my kids do that a reasonable, grown human wouldn’t do has potential to really frustrate me!

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