Pool Rules

Somewhere along the road (1,000 miles in so far) going to the pool has become synonymous with free-for-all snacking.  It looks like this: we arrive at a pool at 10 am, they swim for 5 minutes and then declare their hunger with ever-increasing urgency (complete with Mia frantically rubbing her belly) until I am so broken down that I am putty in their hands.  They’ve already had an apple, banana, and a piece of  cheese.  Now what?  You want Doritos at 10:15am?   Sure.  I surrender.  It’s kinda like feeding a hungry gaggle of geese, except these geese are armed with a persistence that could break even Chuck Norris.

So today as we drove to the pool, I had a discussion with them that went like this:

Me: Today, we’re going to work on how we deal with food at the pool.  Mommy has snacks, and I will make sure you are fed.  But you may not nag.  Nagging is when you ask over and over and over again for something even after you’ve been given a response.  So we’re not going to nag.  Instead, you can ask Mommy politely for a snack and then practice patience while I get it.  If we continue to have a hard time with nagging, we may need to stop bringing snacks to the pool.  Ok?

The Hungry Ones: Ok.

Me:  So no nagging, ok?

The Hungry Ones: Ok.

Me: So say it with me.  No…

Sam:  …Punching people in the face.


Also a noble goal, though not what I was shooting for in today’s training sessions.


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