Library: The New Contact Sport

Who would’ve thought the public library could be so aggressive?!?!  Well, put the Kirkpatrick kids in the mix and they’re sure to cook up a good story.  And today they did just that.

First, Big Brother got a black eye.  During STORY HOUR.  You know, the hour where kids sit quietly on mats while being hypnotized by the sweet voice of the librarian.  Or in our case, the hour where Big Brother crashes his skull into the side of another boy’s skull and then screams like a t-rex for a painfully long time and story hour comes to a screeching halt while Momma Bear tries to comfort her son while her other son is blocking his ears saying, “That’s annoying” and her baby daughter is trying to climb up her back. Ahhh. Ironically, Big Brother was wearing his Boston hat, which he proudly informed us the other morning means, “B.  Because I’m the bravest.”  Equally as ironic, I went to great lengths this morning to make sure the kids were clean and well-dressed so we wouldn’t look like a bunch of ragamuffins at the library.  Hmmm.


Then Middle Man decided that the book he picked out on construction needed some…well…destruction.  So he tore out a few pages.  $17.99 later, we are now the proud owners of that there book, and you better believe it will be the first book Middle Man learns to read.  He shall cherish this book for all eternity!


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  1. WOW this is so inspirational i cant wait to have little ones of my own even though i don’t know you you are now one of the reasons for my change in life i am trying really hard to come to the lord in a humble way thank you your posts give me hope that being a stay at home mom is the only mom there can be thank you again. 🙂

    1. Dalila, I’m so glad you’ve found this site- my daily experiences- encouraging. This was my hope in starting this blog. There is so much joy to be found when we are able to trust God in our daily struggles…whatever those struggles are! I’m so thankful for those in my life who have taught me to suffer well and to find joy in all circumstances (like Paul when he wrote he was content in every situation.) What a gift! May God bless your journey 🙂

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