Two Weeks With Tommimom

Here’s what to expect:

  • Each night at 9 pm EST from January 22 – February 4 you will receive an email from me containing a 20 minute audio file.
  • Carve out time before bed (locked in the bathroom, taking a bubble bath, folding laundry, laying down) to listen to this interactive training.
  • After a 5 minute personal message, I will guide you through a 10 minute meditation, offering you a buffet of techniques throughout our 2 weeks together. You might be new to meditation or very familiar.  Either way, I hope you find a technique you can take into your day to help you mindfully manage life’s challenges!  *Bonus, these are kid-friendly meditations, so if you’d like to share them with your children, please do!  My oldest three (ages 9, 8 & 6) use several of the techniques we’ll cover.
  •  After our meditation, I will propose a mindfulness focus for the following day.  This will require you to observe yourself- actions, reactions, thoughts, feelings- and jot down some notes as you go about your day.
  • On Monday, February 5, 9 pm EST we will conclude with a conference call to facilitate questions, comments, and mutual encouragement as we share our experience.  Plus, it’s just fun to hear voices of other mothers in the trenches!

Here’s how to register:

Step 1:  Donate.

This is a donation-based training. Please click the button to give your gift.

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Step 2:  Fill out the form below & submit.


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