In Honor Of My Dad

Tonight marks the first full month since my father passed away suddenly and peacefully in his sleep.  That sentence feels so foreign.  This month has been a blur.  A blur of tears, sleeplessness, gazing out windows, peaking into my thoughts, curling up on the couch and into the presence of God, running from the question... Continue Reading →

Finding Simplicity In The Busy

Recently, my (fantastically wise and nurturing) mentor has been discussing the idea of simplicity.  Whittling down the busyness. Removing the distractions in order to make room for the priorities.  Or as it was stated in the Harvard Business Review (and discussed in my post last January) 'the disciplined pursuit of less.' This is where the stay-at-home-mother... Continue Reading →

I’m launching a training!

Are you a mom who’s striving toward a spiritually, physically, emotionally & relationally healthy life?  Would you like some support and camaraderie from another mother?  I would like to be that woman!  Join me as I launch a two week (feels-a-little-scary-but-also-exciting) tommimom training starting January 22!  For a donation, you will join a virtual community... Continue Reading →

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