52 Days

Fifty-two day. The past 52 days have been filled with more than I thought possible.  Life, death, joy, sorrow, frustration, fear, excitement, hello's, goodbye's all intermingled these past 52 days.  Doors in my life have been opening and closing so quickly- and so simultaneously- that it feels like emotional whiplash.  And typically I find great... Continue Reading →

Enduring the Difficult

In January I had the privilege (and challenge) of speaking to a women's gathering in North Carolina.  Coming up with the topic basically followed this train of thought: every human faces difficulty...most want to see good come out of their difficulty....few actually know how to endure their difficulty in order to reap the rewards (or... Continue Reading →

Just Breathe!

The 2-year old is sick.  And the way he expresses his discomfort is by attaching himself to my personage and moaning "Mum Mum" all.day.long. in the exact tone that hits the nerve in your face that makes your eye twitch. After my 10th consecutive hour of this, I was about to break.  Actually, I was... Continue Reading →

Comparison or Inspiration

I recently had the privilege of speaking at a women's event in North Carolina.  *Stay tuned for more on that! Another way to word that would be- I recently had the privilege of waking up naturally 3 days in a row because my brave, brave husband stayed back with the kids.  *It really is amazing... Continue Reading →

Take Captive. Take Care.

Like many women, I'm just not a fan of my appearance.  I can catch a glimpse in the mirror and feel instant disapproval of my reflection.  Not tall enough, not thin enough, not fashionable enough, blah blah blah. Also like many women, I'm reeeaaally not a fan of my pregnant appearance.   I begin the... Continue Reading →

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