More love (Less Panic)

My blog is in the middle of a much-needed face lift, during which I found this post from several years ago. Such a great reminder!


What I said: Why don’t you play in the backyard.
What they heard: Why don’t you pick every bloomin’ flower.
What I got: Every bloomin’ flower.
What they said: This is how much we love you.


There was a mother living overseas with her young boys.  An older woman visited and, during the course of their conversation, the young boys trampled through the flower beds as they played.  The older woman commented on this in a disapproving manner, to which the mother replied, “I’m growing boys, not flowers.”

I don’t actually remember where I first read this story (if you are familiar with it, PLEASE refresh my memory), but I remember where I was: in college, sitting alone in a chapel as I was prone to doing in between classes.  After reading this story, I asked God to bless me with children one day and to teach me more of…

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