This Man

This man.


In the 12 years I’ve had the privilege of knowing him, he has only grown stronger and more admirable. He, this salty Marine headed to war, marched into my tidy life as a missionary and made me his wife less than a year later. That should be a foreshadowing of his determination.




He flew into battle when I was 10 weeks pregnant, the first crew-chief in on the first combat mission in Osprey history, and returned home a decorated combat vet and a new dad.


He earned a degree in Boston while changing diapers and blowing up a birthing tub and playing with his 2 toddler sons and shoveling us out of blizzards and some really dark days.



blog 13

That season of life is such a fog, but one memory that remains crisp is of the back of his head lit up by a computer screen every.single.time I was awake nursing a baby. How did we ever survive on so little sleep and so many babies?



He has packed moving vans and helped me unpack my life’s experiences.


He’s never flinched in the face of my tears, fears, rants, guilt-trips, complaints.

He has stayed and he has loved.


He has embraced his own growth with a courage and consistency that grows stronger and gentler all at the same time. It is stunning. 13

He has loved me enough to accompany me on Turkey Trots and Jingle Jogs and Tough Mudders…


…and kids costume parties and birthing tubs and counseling sessions and late night cry fests….


…and I’ve loved him enough to accompany him through 2 rounds of schooling, 4 moves, career changes, unemployment, the long hard work of personal growth, and new adventures even today.24

He still opens the door for me, confides in me, and calls me Beautiful in all seasons. 8

He encourages me in my writing when I want to quit. He encourages me in my faith when I really want to quit. He listens to me and laughs with me and brainstorms with me and buys me really cool jewelry. He’s an AMAZING father. He’s humble enough to get down on their level to play or wipe tears or ask forgiveness (sometimes in that order!)


And selfless enough to read Candy Faries. 10

He never seems to run out of creativity and we look to him to get us out of all sorts of messes.

like helping us break into our house…
…or out of a stroller!

He’s been holding babies in his arms for 9 years and counting…


…offering endless entertainment…



He’s our chief mechanic…34










collage 6





…and my best friend.

collage 7

And today, we’re celebrating 11 jam-packed years of marriage!




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  1. I love who you are, Micha! Praising God for you. Thank you for loving and taking such great care of our daughter and grandchildren.

  2. This tribute will mean so much to your children one day- even now, but more so as they grow up. I keep a diary- since becoming a mom, but it lacks the photos that blogs can provide. I just finished a tome about James saving me this past year, during health struggles. I’m a long way from well- but he saved my life. The gift of a loving marriage is the best thing you can give the kids- thank you for documenting it so well!

    1. Happy Birthday, dearest Micah. I’m so proud of you and the man you have become. This post describes beautifully a man committed to love, serve and honor the people in his life. I love you so much.

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