Pictures are Deceiving

Today was our first (official) day back to (home) school.  And many families take pictures to commemorate the event.  So in keeping with tradition…

Pictured below: our 8 am excitement (possibly prompted by “Ok, look excited!”)



Not pictured: the 5:30 am blood curdling scream of a baby who climbed/fell out of his crib, split his lip, and woke up his sister, who also began to cry.

Also not pictured: Said baby and sister sitting in the dark watching Baby Einsteins until ‘real morning’.

Also unfortunately not pictured: me walking around our school campus with the baby’s dirty bib affixed to the backside of my dress.  Or me sitting in key lime yogurt that had been splattered onto my chair by my daughter.   Or us returning home to discover we were locked out, and Silas having to ‘go’, and us driving 20 minutes to pick up a spare key from our angelic landlord only to drive home, insert key into lock, and discover it was the wrong key.

Fortunately, pictured below: Micah leaving work early and teaching the kids how to break into our house.  Home economics?


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