Let’s break the silence with a good laugh, shall we?

(Can we just skip the part where I have to address why I’ve been silent for over 2 months and that my last post depicted me drinking sangria in my bathroom at an unacceptably early hour?  Thanks.)

Some days you just need a good laugh, and today I got it.  Three times over.

1. I took the kids to get haircuts at the Hair Cuttery.  No, that isn’t the first laugh.  Wait for it…. There was a customer sitting nearby wearing bright red hair dye.  Kids definitely thought it was blood.  And so it didn’t help her cause when she asked to write down their names because she’d like to use them in her vampire-novel-in-progress.

2. The kids took a looong bath (haircuts are messy affairs because you have to bribe them into sitting still with lots of lollipops, which then turn into a thick coat of face glue for all that loose hair.)  Anyway, I digress.  So Sam yells, “Mom, I’m ready to get out of the bath!  My hands are getting old!”

3. Today during Silas’ reading lesson, we worked on speaking clearly and confidently.  So you can imagine how awesome it was when he read the following sentence: “In my pot I have a little ship”, except he confused the ‘P’ with a ‘T’ in ‘ship’.

So, this is me tiptoeing back onto the blog.  I hope to address more substantial topics in 2015, like how we make living in a small home with one bathroom work (and actually LIKE it!), or how we pull it all off financially on one income, or homeschooling survival tips, or stay-at-home-mom-self-care-pointers.  Or why I’ve been silent for over two months.  But first I gotta go cook dinner.  And figure out how to write more consistently!

Thanks for reading!

PS.  I would love to hear of any topics you’d like discussed on the blog this year.

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