Kale Salad

We’ve been on the road for over a week now, and wonder of wonders, I actually miss cooking.  For all those times I’ve grumbled about having to cook yet another meal, I was quite surprised by this longing to get back in the kitchen.  So I hit the grocery store (which was freakishly quiet and slow-paced compared to the city) and got in the kitchen.  We first encountered this salad at a church potluck in Philly and I attempted to recreate it and came up with this.  It has quickly become a favorite in the Kirkpatrick household, and so I thought I’d bring it to your home, too.

*Side note: When we lived in the South, church potlucks consisted of lots of cheesy, gooey casseroles.  Church potlucks in Philly consist of mostly bowls of leafy greens.

*Warning: if you’re looking for exact measurements and pictures of every.single.ingredient, you’re gonna have to go somewhere else.  My life is just too busy for that.  We’re lucky to just get a fresh meal on the table!  So here ya go:


Get a bunch of kale.  I like the pre-washed, pre-cut kind.  But if you live a life of leisure, then knock yourself out with all that cutting and washing.

IMG_1865Whisk up a marinade of olive oil, white vinegar, good quality dijon mustard, and a little honey.

Marinade the kale in this while you prep the other ingredients.


Fry up some bacon.  A note about bacon.  I have a love-hate relationship with bacon…love to eat it, hate to cook it.  Here’s the deal.  Get the good stuff.  I like Applegate Naturals.


But if you live in Philly, you REEEALLLY need to check out 1732 Meats.

Oh, and they ship, too.  Just saying.

I prefer to cut it before frying.  It seems to splatter less and cook more evenly.


My husband will be so happy that bacon got not one, not two, but three pictures here.  He loves bacon.  I once surprised him with a bacon-themed 5 course meal at this fancy shmancy restaurant.  We even had bacon beer.

But I digress….


Toast some pecans (stir over medium-high heat and DO NOT WALK AWAY.  Because 30 minutes later, you’ll be sitting upstairs giving the kids a bath and painting your toes and wondering what that delicious smell is.  It’s burnt pecans.  And a destroyed spatula.)

IMG_1842Thinly slice a shallot…

IMG_1850…add some dried cranberries…


…and some goat cheese.




And because Kale is so hearty, this makes excellent left-overs.  If it lasts that long.




4 thoughts on “Kale Salad

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  1. Ha-uge hit here in Albuquerque! Other moms couldn’t believe uncooked kale could taste so good!
    Btw, thanks for the lack of measurements, Barefoot Contessa. That was fun.

    Sadly, had to sub sunflowers for pecans due to general allergies (soy nuts, tree nuts, peanuts, pine nuts). And my taste buds preferred a marinade that amounted to something like: 1/3c. EVOO, 2 heaping T. Dijon, 1T. Vinegar…. With minor adjustments in the end…including a little bacon grease.

    My taste buds also preferred the addition of protein by means of the hard boiled eggs from alisonslist.com. I might add a tuna steak next time too (much like the Tuna Cobb salads at Pappas Burgers in Houston).

    Thanks, Tommimom!

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