That awkward moment…

After a long day of school and consignment shopping for winter, dotted with ‘practice contractions’ in which I waddled around the expo center dragging my bags of bargains across the floor and sitting in countless rocking chairs for sale to catch my breath, I decided it was time for a pedicure.

My reasoning:

1. I have been unable to reach my feet for about a month now.

2. I have been unable to see my feet for about 2 weeks now.  So I have no clue what’s going on down there.

3. But when I rub my feet together, they feel like sandpaper.

4. Maybe if I get a pedicure, the little man will decide to make his entrance.

The Hero Hubs graciously kept aaalll the kids aaallll afternoon and evening, so I was FREE.  Free to sit in a massage chair with my feet in a tub of hot water.   Free to sit quietly, where the only serious decision I would have to make is what color would I like my toe nails to be?

The catch:

The technician tasked with the search and rescue of my feet was pregnant.  Not just a little pregnant, but the same amount of pregnant as me!  Talk about potential guilt!  I mean, doesn’t this break some sort of Pregnant Lady Code (“Thou shalt not cause a fellow pregnant woman undue strain.”)  Oh, and come to find out, she has a 10 month old at home.  Yup, she’s one of those crazies that has back-to-back babies.

Back story:

When I entered the Land-Of-No-Children-Or-Responsibilities (a.k.a. the salon) I noticed said technician and noted an ever-so-slight pooch.  It looked like she was either 6 weeks pregnant or just beefing up for winter.  I don’t know.  But I certainly wasn’t going to say anything, since I learned the hard way when I asked a clearly 9-month-pregnant lady when she was due (I even waited to approach her until I had confirmed she was wearing maternity pants) only to hear the dreaded “Oh, I’m not pregnant”.

So here I am, sitting in my massage chair being pampered by a woman due 2 weeks after me.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

It would’ve made a great Seinfeld episode.

Oh, and I went with purple 🙂

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