Nuts for Fall

This 8-month pregnant lady LOVES the Fall-like weather we’ve been having lately.  So how did I choose to enjoy it today?  By opening all the windows, forsaking housework, and taking the kids to a local farm for the day.  Orchards, playground, farm animals, fresh-baked goodies.  YES!

The neighborhood squirrel’s idea of enjoying the day?  Breaking into our house by chewing gaping holes in our screens, smashing potted plants, foraging for food in almost every room of our house and pooping on almost every surface (couches, coffee table, dining room table, high chair, floors.)  And to add insult to injury, I returned home from the farm at 5 pm with not one but THREE sleeping kids and was excited for a long, quiet night thanks to an early bedtime (don’t worry, Mom, I planned on feeding them an extra-hearty breakfast to make up for the lack of dinner!)  But as I walked through the front door with the first sleeping child, I heard scuffling.  It definitely sounded like a break in.  And then I noticed the smashed pot.  And then I noticed that ‘medium-sized rodent’ (Wikipedia) frantically chewing a FIFTH hole in the screen to make his exit.  Thus waking up said sleeping child and slaughtering my plan for a quiet night.

Even worse, this squirrel has been scouting our house for weeks- sitting outside our window while we eat dinner, disguising himself as a friend.  Heck, he even made our top 3 things-for-which-the-kids-are-thankful-list a few weeks ago!

So now my revised idea of how to spend a Fall-like evening involves three over-tired children sitting at the (freshly-sanitized) dining room table eating dinner while this 8-month pregnant lady cleans squirrel poop and looks with suspicion on every surface of the house.

Not cool, medium-sized rodent, not cool.



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  1. Oh no! That’s a riches-to-rags story:( You must be exhausted. Squirrels must have giggled watching you pull out of the driveway…ready to implement their plan!

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