Just one of those days

Just one of those days that passed excruciatingly slow.  After what seemed like an eternity of laundry, dishes, peacemaking between kids and pregnancy nausea, I dared to glance at the clock only to discover it was merely 9:30.  In the morning.  Like, we’ve only been at this for 3 hours.

Just one of those days that was filled with near-constant fussing- sometimes by me!  Full moon?  Still recovering from our trip?  Sick?  Why are we all crying?!?!

Just one of those days that it was easier to pack up my gym bag and the kids, brave the rain, and go to the gym.  Because the YMCA will watch my kids for 2 glorious hours while I work out (or cower in the bathroom stall and pray!)  And today, working out sounded more doable than staying home.

Just one of those days that I really need to combat…well…the whole day in general with some serious counting of thy blessings!  So bear with me!

1. The YMCA graciously keeps my kids for 2 hours, where they receive a lot of love- from the receptionists to the janitor and the Child Watch workers.  And when I’m struggling to enjoy my kids, it’s nice to see other people smile at them, hand them snacks, hold them, play with them, and remind me of how magnificent they are.

2.  For whatever mysterious reason, the boys stop fighting when they are sent to their room…for fighting.  They stomp into their room all pouty, and then almost instantly become best buds again.  If this comes at the expense of their entire room being turned into a rocket ship (clothes, bedding, curtains piled sky high on the top bunk amidst two laughing, sweaty, satisfied little boys) IT’S WORTH IT!

3. Naps were a no-go today.  Seemed to be just too much energy between the 3 of them for any of them to surrender to sleep.  So after an HOUR of listening to their horseplay (for which I’m thankful, as it bought me an hour to sit still on the couch and read), I took the ‘instigator’ out of the room and cuddled up with him in my bed.  He and I both quickly fell asleep; and he’s just too cute when he’s sleeping.

4. Big Brother said some pretty funny things today.  At one point we were all playing in the basement and he kicked a ball while enthusiastically proclaiming, “I’m the best soccer boy in the world!”  I’m afraid this is a by-product of Mom and Dad’s attempts at instilling confidence?  Later, as we raced through the rain to the gym, he yelled out to a man passing by, “Excuse me, Sir, Mr. Man, there’s a storm coming!”  And then tonight, when the pizza delivery man came to our rescue for dinner, this was his conversation: “Excuse me Sir.  Is that your car?”  [Yes]  “Oh, this is my Mom’s van.”  [Wow. You’re pretty smart.  How old are you?]  “I’m four.  How old are you?”  [Twenty-eight.]  “Oh, I didn’t know that!”

5. Someone created pizza delivery way back when.  Now if we could just get Starbucks to deliver!

6. Big Brother casually picked up a piece of chalk after dinner and spelled his name- PERFECTLY- on our chalkboard.  First time and without any prior practice.  Then Little Lady grabbed some chalk, scribbled on the floor, and then ate it.  And that’s just funny.

7. My amazing husband chooses to go to work super early so he can get home to us super early.  Tonight that meant wrestling with the boys, training sessions with Little Lady, encouragement and relief for me, music, soccer, laughs.  As I type, I hear him reading to the kids as they lay quietly in bed.  Treasure Island and the Bible.  And I like that.

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