A buffet of laughs this week

The meteor that hit Russia was a source of much awe in our house.  We all sat around the computer watching clip after clip of that streak of light, the sonic boom, the shattered windows and car alarms.  As good parents, we took this opportunity to teach our eager pupils about space (insert sarcasm).  After our impressive explanation of the origins of meteors, Big Brother responds, “God shouldn’t throw rocks.”

Little Lady (16 months) has taken it upon herself to be Middle Man’s official bum wiper.  Literally.  Whenever  I change his diaper, she races over with a wipe in hand and dives right in to the action.  Um, time to get Middle Man on the toilet.  And perhaps Little Lady, too!

The courage of an almost-4 yr old: Big Brother and I were in the middle of making chocolate covered pretzels for his b’day party when he heard kids playing outside. Without batting an eye, he gets on his boots and jacket, grabs some of his b’day goodies, and races outside yelling, “Hey guys! I’m here to play! I have goodies!” (he didn’t know these boys and they were years older.)  Imagine if adults were that friendly?!pretzels

Two comforters and a sheet, a coffee table, a piano stool and an end table.  Two rocking chair, one ottoman, an amplifier and  a coat hanger.  One floor lamp, a Marine Corps cover (hat) and dress shoes.  Two sleeping bags, 2 pillows, and 2 very happy little boys.  THAT is how Daddy makes a tent.

big tent


in tent

Without a tv, we find other ways to stay entertained and imaginative.  One of our favorites is our electric piano, complete with hundreds of programmed songs ranging from Classical to Classic 80’s (currently the kids’ favorite song is “Sarah“.  I have no idea why.)

Here is what 8 am looks like on a Tuesday morning.

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