Concerning Morning…

In hopes of balancing out your perception of our family as portrayed in Way Cool Morning, allow me to share this morning!  The Hero Hubs had to get to work extra early, so he-and thus WE-were up waaay before 6.  Little Lady woke up soon after (when Daddy opened our very squeaky front door) and she was not all giggly.  The boys charged in soon after that.  Big Brother had stripped down to his skivvies so as to have better footing….because he runs the length of my bedroom while I time him (he’s of the opinion he gets faster every time he wakes up.)  Middle Man joined in, and was quickly greeted by Big Brother’s arm.  Yup, he clothes lined him.  After Middle Man recovered from the head trauma, we began the processional to breakfast.  This was when Middle Man took down an innocent Little Lady.  Face plant.  More head trauma.  More tears.  More early-morning-correction.

As I write this over lunch, we are still in pj’s with no sign of that changing (let’s just spin it as I’m really on top of bed time tonight!)  And as I look around the sticky-finger-printy table at my cherubs, I notice that Little Lady has somehow acquired a bloody cut on her face…which goes well with her black eye…which coordinates nicely with her brothers’ shiners…which they picked up at the library and church, no less.

[knock at the door]

Our sweet neighbor (the same one to whom Little Lady ran away from home) brought over Valentines goodies for the kids; thus reminding me that it was Valentines Day!  So in an attempt to salvage the day, we all snuggled in the bottom bunk before naps and listed the people we love.  Top of the list: Monsters and Space Aliens.  Oh, and a shout out to God and ‘Daddy-O’.

You just can’t make this stuff up!

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