Way Cool Morning

I woke up to the hubs kissing me good morning as he snuck off to work before the sunrise.  His going to work early means he’ll be home earlier in the day…a reinforcement during the pre-dinner madness.  I’m thankful he makes this sacrifice (If it were me I’d probably sleep in a little and ‘just so happen’ to miss out on the pre-dinner mutiny.)  I’m also glad he still kisses me good morning all these years later.  Morning breath and all.

Fifteen minutes later I re-awoke to Middle Man storming my bedroom.  This is his morning routine.  He jumps out of bed, races out of his room, slams his door shut (usually waking up the other 2), and then charges our bed.  Many times Daddy has jumped out of bed expecting to fight off an intruder; and more than once it’s resulted in the both of them colliding and rolling on the floor.  But this morning he just hurled himself into bed with me and we laid there chatting for 30 minutes-mostly about pirates and breakfast and how much is that doggy in the window.  For those of you who know our Middle Man, stillness is not one of his strong suits.  Nor is quietness or gentleness.  So on mornings like this, cuddling with him feels like a rare and exciting privilege…like someone cuddling with an exotic, wild animal.  We jokingly call him our little puma for this reason.

A bit later, Little Lady woke up all giggly.  Love that.  As is our routine, I lifted her out of her crib, walked to the mirror, and we kissed our reflections til the mirror was all slobbery and needed to be cleaned.  But we won’t clean it, because tomorrow we’ll just be slobbering it up all over again.  I hope she is always able to smile at her reflection and embrace the person God has made her.

And lastly Big Brother.  I stood over his bunk as he groggily peeled open his eyes.  For the past several weeks, he’s been waking up asking, “Am I four yet???”  But this morning, he let out a big yawn and declared, “My life is waaaaay cool.”

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