Nursing blunders

Middle Man was a newborn and we decided to run a Marine Corps 5k.  So we strapped he and Big Brother into their new double jogging stroller and headed off to yet another tommimom-prompted event (i.e. “C’mon!  It’ll be fun!  Trust me!”)

This line would also be used later to convince Micah to run the Tough Mudder with me.  But that’s a story for another time.marine 5k

Anyway.  We arrived early in the morning, registered, and waited around in a sea of Marines and their families.  Middle Man would have to nurse before we commenced our trot (I’m more of a trotter than a runner) and so I moved to the back of the crowd, pulled out my ‘hooter hider’, and sat down on the grass.  I pride myself in being a discrete nurser.

And that’s when the entire crowd of thousands of Marines and their families turned in unison to face me. Because I was sitting….nay….NURSING…under the American Flag and the Opening Ceremonies were beginning.  So I just sat there, suddenly horrified at how brightly colored my ‘hooter hider’ was and how loudly my son nurses, as my husband and all his fellow Marines stood at attention.

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  1. That’s hysterical! I would have died! 🙂 I too pride myself on being a discrete nurser…which often means me going and hiding somewhere because mine too is a loud and distractable eater, and I am always impressed with myself when I am able to do what you tried to do 🙂

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